Your veterinarian may suggest a cardiology consultation with a veterinary cardiology specialist, if :

* a heart murmur is detected
* abnormal heart beats are identified
* your pet is experiencing trouble breathing or coughing.
* an irregular rhythm is detected

The initial cardiology consultation is scheduled for one hour. During the first ten minutes, a technician will discuss your pet’s history, current medications and collect basic vital signs. While the technician does this, the cardiologist reviews your pet’s medical records.

Next, the cardiologist will review the history, examine your pet and listen carefully to your pet’s heart and lungs. The primary test used to determine the cause of heart murmurs is an ultrasound or echocardiogram of the heart. An EKG, which measures your pet’s heart rhythm may also be done. Additional diagnostic tests may be recommended based upon the initial evaluation.

After all the diagnostic information is collected, the cardiologist will write a report and then talk to you about the findings, prognosis and treatment. A copy of this report is faxed to your primary care veterinary. You will also receive a copy of the report for your records.

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